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The Managed Services Provider

If you're tired of needing to constantly call on your IT support team, Unified Microsystems could be the perfect solution. Our Managed Services are designed to provide proactive system management and maintenance so you don't have to worry about running into technical issues that require a technician. Plus, Our Services are tailored to your organization's specific business needs, budget, and infrastructure; meaning you won't have extra resources that you don't need. Bid adieu to those annoying tech problems, and say hello to Unified Microsystems’ Managed Services!

What is a Manage Service Provider?

If you've heard about a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and aren't quite sure what that means, don't worry - it's an easier concept than you may think. In its simplest form, an MSP is like a one-stop shop for all of your information technology problems and needs. By hiring an MSP like Unified Microsystems, businesses can outsource monitoring tasks and technical support to experienced professionals with the tools needed to maintain network operations. With managed services, businesses can have important tech issues taken care of hassle-free, freeing them up to focus on their own core competencies. In other words, when it comes to IT needs, don't sweat - just delegate those tasks to a Managed Service Provider!

Five Pillars of Managed Services:

  • Break Fix IT Support: We provide immediate assistance for any pressing technical issues. Unlimited support per user from Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5:30 PM.
  • Infrastructure Manager: We ensure that all computer networks are running optimally at all times. This means, we proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and work to identify potential problems before they become major ones for just one fixed fee!
  • Virtual CTO (Chief Technical Officer): The Unified Team provides executive oversight for all aspects of your organization’s technology needs. We will work closely with your team and develop strategies for improving operations, protecting data security, implementing new technologies, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with your industry regulations. From day-to-day support services to long-term planning and execution, our managed IT services package will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable partner in technology.
  • Customer Success Managers: We have our Customer Success Managers assigned to your account and take on a consultative role. CSMs will work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of your IT systems are running smoothly and securely so that you can focus on your core business needs
  • Training: We will connect you to the right people to provide comprehensive IT security training for all team members, keeping your data safe and secure. These courses are designed to help your staff stay up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities. It also offers phishing tests, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing to identify any weaknesses in your system’s security that can be addressed before they become significant issues. We make sure that this is a continuous learning exercise for the team members.
The Unified Microsystems’ Five Pillars of Managed Services is committed to providing comprehensive managed IT support solutions tailored specifically to fit your organization’s unique needs. We understand the importance of having reliable IT infrastructure in place and strive to help our clients maximize their investments in technology while staying secure. From managed security solutions to 24/7 monitoring, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve success. With our Five Pillars of Managed Services, you can trust that your IT needs are in good hands.

Unified Microsystem will help you with:

  1. 1. Security Management Services - We provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting on all aspects of your IT security infrastructure, including patching and vulnerability scanning. You’re in good hands!
  2. 2. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions - You can rest easy knowing that any critical data is securely backed up by our team in the cloud or offsite storage, and with our quick recovery processes in place to ensure minimal downtime during unexpected outages
  3. 3. Network Administration and Monitoring Services - Our experts help you configure, manage, optimize, and monitor your entire network from a single dashboard. We can quickly identify any issues before they become major problems.
  4. 4. End-User Support Services - We ensure optimal uptime for all of your end users by providing them with our reliable technical support.
  5. 5. Performance Monitoring and Reporting Services - We also make sure to give detailed insights into the performance of all IT systems, helping you identify any bottlenecks that can affect user experience or system downtime. Prevention is better than cure!
  6. 6. Cloud Solutions Integration Services - We will help integrate cloud-based applications and services into your existing IT infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce the cost of IT operations.
It's essential for businesses to have an effective, responsive IT AMC service that can quickly address any issues. Not only does this help keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly, but it also helps protect you from unexpected problems down the road. By working with a trusted MSP like Unified Microsystem, you can be sure that all of your IT needs are being taken care of and that your company remains secure.

Contact us today for more information about our managed services packages and how we can help your business succeed with technology! We look forward to hearing from you!

On Time, First Time, Every Time Unified Promise

By living and breathing this core brand promise, we measure and improve daily.


What makes Unified Microsystem stands out?

  • 01. Fresh Outlook

    Since 2008 we have challenged the conventional approach of management, consultancy and service delivery. As a result, we strongly believe in providing best in class, client-centric solutions, using reliable quality products, great service and honest pricing.

  • 02. Trust

    We know first-hand the power of IT systems, and the importance to keep them working reliably. We give our customers peace of mind as trusted IT partner for support, and enable transformation through our design and delivery of projects.

  • 03. Transformation

    We enable organisations to benefit from the technologies and opportunities of the connected world. By increasing competitiveness, lowering operational costs, reducing risks and increasing revenue, we deliver measurable results to the bottom line.

  • 04. Global Reach

    Combining strong business insight with technical edge, we provide innovative solutions for all types of businesses. Working in the UK, UAE, Philippines, and remotely in the cloud, we have an international capability with local approach and understanding.

  • 05. Expertise

    Our expertise covers the entire IT life-cycle. In alignment with business strategy and infrastructure, we segment your technological needs into individual components that form the core of an integrated, seamless road map with expert support at every step.

Get what you need with The Unified Approach

We’ll give you what your business only needs to provide you with the best and most customized support for your team

The Unified Approach

  • 01. Requirements Analysis

    Requirements capture and alignment with business strategy, mapping business needs through to technological implementation options.

  • 02. Planning and Development

    Ensure all angles are accounted for. Plan and script changes in advance, using simulated environments where possible.

  • 03. Execution and Management

    Execute scripted playbook, constant liaison between engineers and project managers with continuous item level tracking.

  • 04. Project Go-Live Support

    Delivery of amazing after service with warranty, extended warranty and comprehensive reactive and preventative maintenance support options.

  • 05. Continuous Feedback

    Feedback loop at every step to ensure processes continually evolve and improve from lessons learnt. Review, learn, implement change.