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The Internet of Things (IoT)

Pushing intelligence from the core to the edge lowers costs, saves energy and increases tenant comfort.

Unified Microsystems offer complete building management solutions, to create environments that are smarter, more efficient, safer, lower operational costs, greener to the environment and deliver measurable and sustainable return on investment.

From control of HVAC, power and lighting, along with monitoring of auxilary systems, our smart building management solutions enable total control, monitoring and management of every aspect of your smart building.


Integrated solutions via BMS (building management systems) or for smaller deployments direct lighting controllers.

  • Standalone Controllers to full BMS integration
  • High Density RGB/RGBW Strips
  • 230V LED to 24V Power Supplies
  • DMX to RGB/RGBW Drivers

Audio Systems

Mounted speakers for background music and public announcement, reputable brands that are cost effective and sound amazing.

  • Bose
  • Australian Monitor
  • Crown Audio
  • Multi-zone ChromeCast and Sonos Streaming

IP-AV Systems

Distribute 1080P and 2K content over traditional Cat6 networks with quality IP-AV encoders and decoders.

  • HDMI over IP Distribution
  • 1080P
  • 4K
  • Dolby Digital Audio
  • PoE+ Powered


IP PoE+ cameras and access control from trusted brands for homes through to commercial applications.

  • IP Network Video Recorders
  • Bullet and 360 fish-eye IP cameras
  • Access Control
  • Time and Attendance

Smart Home Solutions

Consisting of the Google Home portfolio, including air conditioning, entertainment (movies and audio), heating, security alarms and lighting control.

Building Management Systems

Smart solutions allow for a return of investment typically within 2 years, both for retrofit and greenfield projects.

Buildings without building management systems typically waste large amounts of energy attempting to control temperature, air quality or lighting on a room by room basis. Centralising all environmental data allows overall optimisation, eliminating wastage allowing large amounts of energy to be saved.

Carbon dioxide, humidity, dust and other pollutants adversely affect the productivity and health of tenants, resulting in dissatisfaction and lost man-hours due to sickness. Managing sub systems 24/7/365, air quality issues can be alerted and resolved before they become a problem.

Unified Microsystems offer smart building control solutions  and smart home automation solutions by providing modern, flexible and cost effective Building Management Systems (BMS) that continuously monitor and manage pumps, fans, fresh-air circulation, motion sensors, lighting systems and HVAC, along with integration to auxiliary systems such as Security, Elevators and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS).

BMS Benefits

Having learnt from the limitations of other systems, our building operating system solution has been redesigned from the ground up using time saving techniques such as tagging, data modelling, query framework and templates.

Thanks to a modern customisable HTML user interface, operations are context sensitive so the system already knows the user’s intention, presenting the right options at the right time all automatically.

Multi-vendor, open protocol with IoT standards eliminates vendor tie-in, with options from a large pool of hardware manufacturers. Return on investment is assured for both retrofit and greenfield projects.

Seamless efficiency and overview

Utilise information from different systems to enable more efficient facility management.

Return on investment typically within 2 years

From savings in energy, plant maintenance and extended life-time from lower duty cycles.

Increased tenant satisfaction

Cleaner air flow and improved occupant health, reduces occupant complaints with proactive alerts and alarms.

Green technology

Lighting and cooling with scheduling and motion detection with auto-shutoff.

Eliminate vendor tie-in

Work with standards and inter-operable systems from multiple vendors eliminating propriety vendor tie in.

Retain and future-proof existing investments

Retain and integrate existing investments with new technologies.

Open Standards

Streamline working with data IoT (Internet of Things) devices by using standard data formats such as the Haystack open standard,

Simplified building operation and workflows

Improve facilities management efficiency with built-in maintenance manual library.


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