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Communicate without Limits

We offer a range of Unified Communication solutions from fully fledged contact centres, offices or hotels with telephony requirements, through to collaboration tools for meeting rooms. Regardless of the requirement, Unified Communication systems has a vast plethora of solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

  • Communicate across branch offices
  • Reduce cabling costs by 50% by using phone switch ports and VLANs
  • Increase employee efficiency with seamless communication and collaboration
  • Meeting room systems for teleconference (video and audio)
  • Collaborative meeting room software

Our Unified Communications Partners

Proudly partnering with the market leaders in unified communications


IP Telephony

Working with multiple vendors, we supply cost effective and future-proof telephony solutions across all verticals, from offices, clinics, hospitals, retail, hotels, through to high-end residential.

Centrally powered, using IP communications yields further benefits with reduction in structured cabling costs by up to 50%, ability to use a range of trunk line options (analog, BRI, PRI and SIP including site to site H323 and SIP links), and  for retrofit installations capability to mix and match IP, digital and analog phones.

Video Collaboration

Often people jump straight to request face to face meetings due to their bad experience in the past of setting up a conference all that didn’t work, failed to make the required impact, or was hard to use.

By using video and document sharing, travelling to meetings can be reduced as the same results and more can be achieved in the fraction of the time and cost with a simple collaborative meeting, using the latest technologies from Microsoft and Polycom.

Voice Recording

Listening to call audio allows companies to gain deep insight and actionable intelligence in a way that reporting alone cannot. Allow users to quickly search and listen to call recordings, assign custom categories, view extensive call metric data and download recordings as MP3 files.

Benefits include ability to categorise recordings for the production of training material, compliance with regulatory requirements and company standards, and validation of any claims of misconduct or disputes.

Call Accounting

Call accounting enables customers to increase productivity, gain new business insights and lower costs. From fraud detection, increasing sales productivity to dynamic staff allocation during peak call flow, reporting will have a measurable impact to the bottom line.

Extensive automated graphical and spreadsheet reporting allows details on all outbound, inbound and inter-office calls, reconciliation for bills from carriers, allocation of phone expenses, optimisation calls, monitoring of sales and customer service productivity.


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