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Better World using Technology to Improve Society


Ancient and modern human societies have both benefited from and been obstructed by technological innovations. The new technologies develop fast and continuously, and the community is used to and adapts quickly to these continuous innovations. We take technological development for granted. Humans are always discovering new ways to make life easier and better.


What technological advances do we live with every day that are not disruptive, but do make the world a better place?


1. Keeping families closer through sharing updates

The technology of instant messaging has been disruptive. However, this usage falls into the “better place” category.

This is about sharing words, images, and video directly with people we care about, especially in world pandemic. We need to have instant connections.


2. Health Technology Aspect

Developments in technology have enhanced our health immeasurably over the years. When speaking about health, we need to talk about mental and physical health separately.

Mental Health field covers many different conditions and disorders this area has in the health care system that has intensely lacked attention associated with other health issues.

Technology improvement has helped us spread more alertness of the importance of mental health.

People are more accepting of mental sickness and open to talking to one alternate using social media outlets to offer support and connection.

Physical Health: Technology enhances our willingness to do daily exercise. Using Fitness apps, it can bring personal training sessions and exercise routine to you wherever you are.

It can help monitor your day-to-day behaviors, such as sleep schedule and how much movement you need per day. This can help encourage you to maintain a fit lifestyle.


3. Happiness should be simple

Computers take over life’s mundane tasks for us to have time to do what we care about with the people we care about.

When technology is used to improve our happiness, we can get back to the basics and enjoy the simple moments we love.


4. Building new friendship thru online games

Gamers socialize with others online and create a sense of community and wellbeing. Most gamers value the socialization aspects very highly. They are among the primary motivations for playing, particularly when engaging in “massively multiplayer online games”.

Meeting people without going outside now is one-way technologies focus especially in online. While this pandemic situation is unknown to many of us, thousands of people make lasting and meaningful connections from their homes, especially the youth. This connection can be doing this through the world of online gaming.


5. Tools that let people experience things they never could before

All of the technological changes listed above are internet related. What about the physical tools we have now? One example is a hand mixer designed for small children to use, which allows them to make a chocolate mousse with their dad. Or, maybe a modern pair of binoculars that lets someone see an owl perched on the limb of a tree, and then take a picture of it. A picture they can share with a friend they met while playing a game. This search tools of technology can be quickly answered in each situation as needed.

Technology can be used for good and bad. And, it can turn the world upside down. It can also enable small changes that make our lives just a little bit better. Maybe if we focus on the little things that make the world better, we can multiply the impact.

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