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Copper & Fibre Networks

Unified solution through full-stack verification, from underlying copper or fibre-optic cabling through to all performance and security aspects of active design.

Structured cabling from small to large multi-building deployments:

  • Cat6 and Cat7 Copper Structured Cabling
  • Multi-mode and Single-mode Fibre-Optic
  • Fusion Splicing
  • 10Gbps and higher backbone
  • Audio visual over copper and fibre networks

We provide multi-faceted turnkey design with:

  • Full passive cabling design with redundant paths
  • Top of rack switching at data centre through distribution and access ports
  • Cross-cutting concerns of active security components, with physical and logical VLAN security
  • Backbone for converged unified communications, security and building management networks

Best of Breed Structured Cabling Systems

Proudly partnering with the market leaders in structured cabling systems.

Take control of your network – reduce management overhead, save time with instant visibility, increase security and reduce operational risk.

Change tracking – stored as-built drawings and diagrams automatically update to a central repository without any manual intervention.

Schedule work orders – details required connectivity changes with visual guidance to the field technician(s) through the required steps.

Round the clock security – instant alerts when physical patching changes, with ability to physically disable port for unauthorised changes.

Intelligent Wireless Solutions

Centrally managed wireless solutions with on-premise and cloud based controllers.

Turnkey wireless design, consisting of:

  • Access points placement (heat map optimisation)
  • Firewalls for wireless traffic and control back-plane
  • Structured cabling design
  • Centralised configuration, management and auto-optimisation
  • Multiple SSID for voice, private and guest network VLANs
  • Automatic hand-off and control of all devices

We offer a range of vendors and devices, and these can be:

  • Standalone
  • On-premise access points with virtual controller (built in to one of the access points)
  • On-premise access points with dedicated controller
  • On-remise access points with cloud management and control (cloud-based controller)
  • Remote connections to on-premise controllers on central offices

Our Wireless Partners

Proudly partnering with the market leaders in wireless.

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