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Put Your Customers First

The traditional call center, rows of agents in headsets answering calls, is being overtaken by customers demanding more reactive communication methods.

Phone calls are no longer just enough, customers want to reach you via email, instant messaging and social media. And simply taking calls isn’t enough to keep customers loyal, you need to proactively reach out to build relationships, upsell, and solve problems before they become deal-breakers.

Combining all features of call accounting, contact center CRM integration, voice recording, and IVR flows, Unified Microsystems contact centre solutions focus on putting your customer first whilst lowering costs and complexity.

Both single location on-premise solutions, through to multi-site, distributed and work-from-home setups, our consultants can architect the right call center CRM integration solutions for your business objectives and vertical.

CRM Integration

To stand out from the competition, customer service becomes a key differentiator. By presenting existing and repeat customer information instantly every time the customer calls in, the agent taking the call can be well informed and more helpful. A well-organized call center CRM system thus makes every customer feel more valued when you greet them by name and get to help them faster, saving both agent and customer time in the process:


Supervisor can pick and choose what information is displayed to the agent.

Data Updates

Agent can update the displayed information and save to database.

Instant Setup

Plug and play built-in integration with Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM.

Open Integration

Compatible with most other CRM via web services and SQL queries.

Customer Information

Know who is calling and history, even before you answer.

Personalised Greeting

Show your customers you value them by personalizing each phone call.

Full History

View customer’s history instantly instead of requesting each detail.

Increase Efficiency

Avoid slow manual searches by having information automatically displayed.

Save Time

Save time everywhere, happier customers and more efficient agents.


Leading Business Intelligence

From dashboards and reports, detailed analytics on call response times, call recording and customer satisfaction – An effective contact center CRM system quickly and easily enables business agility like never before.

Handle complaints swiftly, generate reporting on department or agent level with drill down capability, monitor response times of agents to ensure optimal efficiency and call handling for peak-call flow during busy times.

Constantly monitor service level agreements with pro-active alerts for breaches or warning levels exceeded for answer time, handle time or missed opportunities.

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