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We are Unified Microsystems

Our team, approach, integration and technology are Unified in every respect.


Continuous Improvement

Learning from the past for the future

Embedded within our DNA is the philosophy of continuous improvement, to improve ourselves everyday one step at a time.


Customer Experience

Formed in 2008 with a team of 100+ years of experience

Our vastly experienced and talented team are passionate about delivering excellence since 2008.


Peace of Mind

Through technology, expertise and service

We enable customers to increase efficiency, reduce stress and deliver a measurable positive impact on the bottom line.



Enhanced with processes and systems

We form a single cohesive team, working together to ensure the delivery of quality and repeatable results.


Unified Integration

Seamlessly Connected

Our core belief of integration is in our staff, process, technology and branding. In everything we do, we are Unified.

Our Difference from the Rest

  • 01. Fresh Outlook

    Since 2008 we have challenged the conventional approach of management, consultancy and service delivery. As a result, we strongly believe in providing best in class, client-centric solutions, using reliable quality products, great service and honest pricing.

  • 02. Trust

    We know first-hand the power of IT systems, and the importance to keep them working reliably. We give our customers peace of mind as trusted IT partner for support, and enable transformation through our design and delivery of projects.

  • 03. Transformation

    We enable organisations to benefit from the technologies and opportunities of the connected world. By increasing competitiveness, lowering operational costs, reducing risks and increasing revenue, we deliver measurable results to the bottom line.

  • 04. Global Reach

    Combining strong business insight with technical edge, we provide innovative solutions for all types of businesses. Working in the UK, UAE, Philippines, and remotely in the cloud, we have an international capability with local approach and understanding.

  • 05. Expertise

    Our expertise covers the entire IT life-cycle. In alignment with business strategy and infrastructure, we segment your technological needs into individual components that form the core of an integrated, seamless road map with expert support at every step.

We are On Time, First Time, Every Time

By living and breathing this core brand promise, we measure and improve daily.


Enabling Capability Through Knowledge

Over 100 years of combined engineering experience backed with training and certifications.

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Our Expertise

Tried and tested quality solutions for a range of industries.

High-End Residential
Commercial Office FitOut

The Unified Approach

  • 01. Requirements Analysis

    Requirements capture and alignment with business strategy, mapping business needs through to technological implementation options.

  • 02. Planning and Development

    Ensure all angles are accounted for. Plan and script changes in advance, using simulated environments where possible.

  • 03. Execution and Management

    Execute scripted playbook, constant liaison between engineers and project managers with continuous item level tracking.

  • 04. Project Go-Live Support

    Delivery of amazing after service with warranty, extended warranty and comprehensive reactive and preventative maintenance support options.

  • 05. Continuous Feedback

    Feedback loop at every step to ensure processes continually evolve and improve from lessons learnt. Review, learn, implement change.


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