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Enabling Growth through Knowledge

At Unified Microsystems, we understand that your organization needs more than just generic IT consultation that requires you to change your business to conform to predefined policies, rather than having policies written around the way you work.

To truly thrive in our digital age, you need IT strategies that align to your company’s goals and the way you operate. The right strategies act as force multipliers to give you the competitive advantage in achieving your business objectives with greater efficiency, lower cost and more flexibility than the competition.

Your IT strategic plan and consulting will cover every detail including goal setting, resource planning, and policy development. This ensures that your IT solutions grow as your business grows, at every single step.

Increase Agility and Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Technology

Serving multiple industries from startups to large enterprises, focusing on needs, strategy, flexibility and optimisation.

We understand that each business is different, and work with our clients to gain a perceptive of their specific IT support requirements and priorities which enables us to deliver cost effective and truthfully tailored service.

Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Systems & Line of Business Applications
Hyper-Converged Architecture
Linux and Windows Servers
Budget Planning
Technology Summary and Roadmap
Disaster Recovery
Risk and Gap Analysis
Business Impact of Technology Decisions
Vendor Liaison
Increase agility

We provide systems that work for the business and empower employees.

Reduce operational expenditure

We use cost-effective, modern and flexible vendors with incremental upgrades.

Save capital investment

Where relevant, mixing pay-as-you-go services in place of capital expenditure.

Transparent advice

We mix best-of-breed technologies to verify your business requirement and to provide robust and cost effective solution.


Always advising the right solution according to our client's needs, priorities, budget and available technology.

Reduce risk of data loss

Mitigating data-loss liabilities and financial costs through reliable backup solutions and business continuity planning.

Reduce risk of security issues

Utilise and deploy modern endpoint and network security to protect your systems and employees.

Plan for the future

Eliminate unplanned expenses with visibility from a clear road-map aligned to your business needs and budgets.

Consultancy Benefits

Our experience and expertise in different industries such as Retail, Education, Retail, Financial, Construction and Healthcare ensure that we are well placed to value and understand in detail your unique industry challenges.

In return we provide you with IT solutions, best practices and implementation road-map carefully customised for your specific sector according to your business needs, priorities, budgets and timescales.

Reduce risk to your operations, reputation and your ability to generate revenue through a multifaceted and comprehensive review of security, process and systems that allow mitigation of disasters and other disruptive scenarios.

Build a roadmap with a planned and priority based roll out of systems and procedures that drive your business objectives, reduce capital expenditure, optimise operational expenditure and increase your businesses agility.

IT Security and Compliance for Regulated Entities

Regulated entities have an even greater focus placed on their data and IT systems, it is imperative that IT becomes a force multiplier and not a liability.

  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

  • DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority)

  • Financial Services Authority (FSA)

  • SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)

  • Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • Other regulated industries where IT is a core component to meet regulatory compliance and provide audit capability.

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