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Work effectively whilst flying


Remote work is different from traditional office set up, or from the coziness of your home, favorite coffee shop, or co-working spot—for many of us, it includes working while travelling on an airplane too. With budget cuts and business class being converted to the economy, we need to find ways to remain productive without putting our health at risk craning our necks looking down at a laptop.


We recommend three simple steps to make your work more productive whilst flying:


Step 1: The Airhook – connect your tablet and have it at eye height, putting your neck in a much more comfortable and natural position.

It does not cause any damage to your device or the seatback tray table, nor does it interfere with any other passengers. Perfect for watching movies. If you want to work, read on.


Step 2: Use a wireless keyboard - A tablet with an Airhook is perfect for watching movies! But if you want to work, you will need a Bluetooth keyboard with a built-in trackpad.

This enables you to have the tablet at eye height and rest the keyboard and trackpad on your lap.


Step 3: Share wifi with USB Tethering – you usually can only connect one device on a paid in-flight Wi-Fi, ideally you want both laptop and mobile-connected but without paying two subscriptions.

With USB tethering on Android and iPhone, you can share your phones wifi connection to the plane through USB to your laptop. Connect your phone, then select tethering, it will auto setup as an internet device on your laptop.

While it takes some determination and planning, maintaining productivity while travelling is possible.

The road rules are different for everyone, but these tips will get you headed in the right direction while doing your working tasks. Choose devices that work best for you and keep yourself safe and healthy along the way.

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