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Ensure Success by Planning to Fail

Murphy’s Law states that ‘Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong’, and when it eventually does, there is a good chance it will be at the worst possible time.

Loss of data or unplanned downtime can cripple any business – the risks and losses are multifaceted, from revenue, productivity, customer goodwill, reputation, assets (such as accounts receivable or intellectual property) through to contractual liabilities, in extreme cases the cost of loss can be so great the business is forced to close.

Unified Microsystems provides tailor-made IT Disaster recovery plans and Business Continuity Solutions that protect your data and insulate you from longer downtime that could otherwise have catastrophic impacts on revenue, liability and reputation.

Cost of Downtime

Cost of downtime can be calculated below (all figures in AED).

Assumes 75% of employees and 33% of revenue is affected when downtime occurs. Staff costs assumed to be an average of 12,000dhs per month plus overheads calculated as salary plus 33% (for gratuity, holidays, rent etc).

Please note that the above table is used to illustrate workers being unable to work and lost manpower. It also assumes that your data is recoverable, and no data loss has occurred after backup restoration. If data loss occurs the figures will be magnitudes higher – the costs to recreate the data or liabilities due to loss could mean that some companies may not even survive.

Disaster Recovery

We seamlessly replicate your on-premise server(s) to our secure data centre storage vault over a military-grade encrypted secure link every 5 minutes, ensuring we meet your data sovereignty requirements.

Unlike pure cloud backup providers, we can physically bring your data to your doorstep in case of an emergency anywhere within your country (UAE and Philippines).

With some additional networking prerequisites, we can also run your systems remotely as fail-over on our cloud platform.

We provide recovery point (how far back in time data snapshots go) and recovery time (how fast a selected recovery point can be rendered fully operational) objectives according to your business needs.

Business Continuity

Due to their nature, disaster recovery solutions inherently take time to restore previous versions. To eliminate interruption entirely, we also offer It Business Continuity plans with high availability at the application layer.

Business Continuity solutions are achieved by creating continuous copies of data at the application layer across a number of live running systems, thus providing high availability in number (as opposed to single server) scale-out.

Our solutions continuously replicate file and database level data from your on-premise server(s) to your BCP site running at our data centre (located in United Arab Emirates, Philippines or Microsoft Azure USA, Europe or Asia, depending on your business data sovereignty requirements).

Business Continuity Plan IT Components

Every aspect is designed for seamless ease of use and high availability.

In addition to BCP use, these replicas form an integral part of your day to day IT infrastructure minimising operational risk of outages. For instance, if a head office domain controller, file or database server fails, then the equivalent remote server can pick up requests without the end user noticing.

This seamless high-availability happens automatically and is orchestrated by the servers knowing who is online and closest to who, replicating data continuously, distributing and load balancing traffic automatically when servers go offline and come back online.

IPSEC Tunnel

A secure fully encrypted site to site VPN over which all traffic runs. Trust is established with static IP addresses, certificates and shared keys that are only known to the firewalls.

Next-Gen Firewall

Deep level packet inspection is in place to protect all ingress and egress traffic. In addition, OSPF runs to allow failover of local subnets to remote datacentre (for disaster recover failover).


Users can connect remotely via SSL VPN, secured via password and multi-factor authentication (token or app on mobile phone). Only once connected on the VPN will they have access to the servers.

Active Directory

DC running from the datacentre provide a second copy of critical AD infrastructure data. The domain controller located at the BCP site can also serve requests from the head office (and vice versa).

Data Storage

Data stored on your local file/database server(s) is replicated to the remote datacentre and vice versa. SQL Replication and Distributed File System with Replication (DFS/R) gives highly availability distributed across multiple servers.

Terminal Services

Users can log in remotely from any computer (once connected securely via VPN with multi-factor authentication) and access all files and applications just as if they were sat in front of their workstation in the office.

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