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Next-Generation Security

Least privilege access to layered interlocking services, providing mutual support for defence in depth with capability to identify and eliminate the attack chain.

Legacy security solutions have been left behind as technology relentlessly marches forward at ever increasing speed. Next-generation security should remain in lock step with technological advances, and integrate into a complex web of applications, devices and cloud networks – keeping data secure but minimising security overhead for users, regardless of the physical location of the user or the service they are accessing.


Cutting edge security operating systems which streamline your security and networking requirements for your entire enterprise on a single intuitive pane of glass interface.


Software and hardware that is dynamic in nature, scalable and agile, easily adapted with features and performance to suit your requirements, implementation road map and your wallet.


Provides information clearly and quickly, automatically classifying and visualising your traffic enabling you to react quickly to potential security issues, thus providing you with comprehensive network security solutions.


Built-in audit features that automatically assess system vulnerabilities and highlight best practices, to continually improve your network’s performance and security around the clock.

Integrated Security Fabric

The Security Fabric allows security to dynamically adapt as more workload is added, seamlessly tracking data, users, and applications as they move back and forth between devices, networks and cloud environments, all made possible by tight integration with other Fortinet products.

Real-time control of networks is achieved from continuous risk assessment across the security fabric, with automatic workflows based on system events, threat alerts, user and device status, coupled with remediation actions such as quarantine, notifications and configuration adjustments.


Fortinet Security Solutions

Improve your protection, management and visibility while saving operating expenses and time with a truly consolidated, intuitive next-generation enterprise security solution.

Broad Visibility

Unify visibility and protection of networks, devices and users, within increasingly complex multi-cloud environments. Provides holistic insight into devices, traffic, applications and events, enabling the capability to stop a threat anywhere along its attack chain.


Integrate devices using open platforms allowing the sharing and correlation of real-time threat intelligence, enabling the detection of advanced threats through sophisticated analytics that are difficult to achieve using traditional security deployments.


With cyber crime happening at digital speeds, Fortinet Security Fabric automatically provides continuous trust assessment of devices and traffic with immediate coordinated response to detected threats according to predefined workflows.


FortiOS delivers a wide range of networking capabilities, including extensive routing, SD-WAN for zero-touch VPN deployment, NAT, switching, Wi-Fi, WAN, load balancing, and high availability, enabling organisations to consolidate their networking and security functions.

Intent Based

Tag devices, interfaces, and objects at the business, entity, and network level, setting global policies for automatic security policy enforcement when new objects are created on the network.


Provide visibility of data flow across private networks, private and native clouds, enabling a comprehensive view of security posture by correlating both on and off-network traffic through a unified security management console.


Continuous endpoint visibility, compliance, and control strengthen overall security posture. Continuous telemetry from endpoints to the Security Fabric, provide deep insight on what is running on the devices, user ID, compliance status, and vulnerabilities.


High performance levels are achieved using hardware acceleration offload architecture that deliver the best cost per Gbps performance value, delivering up to ten times the firewall performance of equivalently priced platforms from other vendors.

Industry Leading Security Effectiveness

Fortinet solutions are consistently validated for industry-leading security effectiveness in industry tests by NSS Labs for IPS and application control, by Virus Bulletin in the VB100 comparative anti-malware industry tests, and by AV Comparatives.

Recommended Next Generation Firewall with near perfect, 99.47% security effectiveness rating. (2017 NSS Labs NGFW Test of FortiGate 600D & 3200D).

Recommended Breach Prevention Systems with 99% overall detection. (2017 NSS Breach Prevention Systems Test of FortiGate with FortiSandbox).

Recommended Data Center Security Gateway with 97.87% and 97.97% security effectiveness. (2017 NSS Data Center Security Gateway Test with FortiGate 7060E and 3000D).

Recommended Next Generation IPS with 99.71% overall security effectiveness. (2017 NSS Next Generation IPS Test with FortiGate 600D).

Extensively tested with ICSA Certified network firewalls, network IPS, IPsec, SSL-TLS VPN, antivirus and endpoint security solutions.

Kaspersky, Fortinet & Sophos Endpoint Security

Cutting Edge Performance and Security, with Business Class Stability

File systems

Files are scanned whenever they are created, launched or modified, both locally and on remote file shares.

Safety online

HTTP and email traffic is scanned in real time using heuristic analysis of web pages, blocking access to infected websites whose addresses are blacklisted.

Next-gen Firewall


A next generation firewall with IDS and IPS systems safeguard users working on any type of network, including WiFi networks.

Removable Devices

Take control of the use of removable devices on the corporate network, reducing the risk of malicious programs entering your corporate systems and data leaks.

Phishing Protection

A constantly updated database of phishing sites identifies and protects users, blocking their browser when malicious links are clicked.


Using a leading antivirus engine with a range of optimisation technologies, ensures the most efficient use of system resources including dynamic background scanning without impacting the users work with other applications.


Centralised on-premise and cloud administration enables seamless installation, configuration, updating, scanning and monitoring of all security solutions on the network.


Runs everywhere – on Mac, Linux Desktops, Linux Servers, Windows Desktops, Windows Servers and Apple and Android Smart Phones.

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