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Our core belief of integration is in our staff, processes and technology - in everything we do, we are Unified.

Using the latest web and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, we provide ultra-modern, simple to manage, flexible and cost effective energy monitoring and automatic meter reading (AMR).



Ideal for use in a wide range of projects, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial.

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We support a wide range of meters that we can design and supply for your application.

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Data is centrally logged minute by minute, using efficient modern IoT technologies over encrypted link.

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Ideal or use in a wide range of projects, whether they are residential,commercial or industrial, the Unified IoT Energy Gateway is powered by Atmel's latets ARM microcontrollers.

The board includes all requires comminucations connectivity on a single board, along with a 32-bit ARM Cortex ® core, extensice RAM, real-time operating system, analog and digital input/output connectivity, I2C bus and flash memory resources.

  • Input Voltage: (Vin) 8 - 30 V
  • Input Current: 195mA - 270mA
  • Clock speed 48 MHz SRAM 32 KB
  • 256 KB Flash Memory
  • 1 x Ethernet 802.3 10/100 Mbit/s
  • 1 x Wireless 802.11 2.4 GHz Module
  • 1 x RS485 speed 500 Kbps (short distance)
  • 4 x Optical isolated digital Inputs (3-30V)
  • 4 x Relay outputs (max 250V/5A)
  • Dimension: 70 mm X 92 mm X 32 mm
  • DIN Rail Mount 35mm
  • Weight: 132 g
Internet Communication

Multiple connectivity options with built-in WiFi module avoids costly physical network infrastructure with cabling, switches and IT administration. Where wireless connectivity is limited, or hard wire preferred in industrial settings due to safety and electromagnetic noise, the board comes with a 10/100Mbps wired Ethernet connection.

Remote Control

The Unified Energy IoT Gateway contains 4 relays, which can be used to power on or off AC appliances such as light, motor, fan or high current DC actuators such as solenoid valves. Each relay provides 2 pole changeover contacts, NO and NC.

The relays are a solution to drive high power loads that cannot be controlled by the microcontroller’s digital IOs, because of the controller’s current and voltage limitations. The Unified Energy IoT Gateway also includes four LEDs that show the on/off state of each relay.

Inputs and Outputs

The four LEDs indicate the on or off state of each input. The 4 digital inputs are isolated, which is essential for connecting the Unified Energy IoT Gateway to systems that may have different grounds/voltage or are electrically noisy.

This isolates the controller electrically from the high-power system by use of an opto-isolator integrated circuits, which enables the low-voltage side to control a high voltage side and remove the transfer of electrical noise between circuits and control systems.

Field Devices & RS485

The Unified Energy Gateway includes an RS485 port, providing connectivity for up to 32 daisy chained RS485 devices over a shared data communications cable length of up to 1200m/4000ft (supporting high speed 500 Kbps within shorter distances).

This allows your board to connect to almost any industrial system using serial connectivity, such as industrial PLCs, controllers, drives and HMIs.

For this application we connect to energy metering modules with RS485 and modbus and other energy metering standards.




We support a wide range of meters that we can design and supply for your application. We also support customer provided meters, and can retrofit to existing installations of many meter types.

We Can read
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • BTU
  • Chilled Water Supply
  • Chilled Water Return
  • Chilled Water Flow
  • Space Temperatures
Used Protocols
  • Pulse Output
  • Modbus RTU RS232
  • Mobus RTU RS485
  • Mobus TCP/IP
  • IEC 62056-21 RS485
  • IEC 62056-61 OBIS
  • M-Bus (Wired)
  • M-Bus (Wireless)



Data is centrally logged minute by minute, using efficient modern web technologies over secure SSL encrypted links.

Analyse all your data for deep insights on usage and cost savings from a central IoT platform.


Unified IoT Energy Analytics empowers your team to harness organization-wide data at any time, from any device, from any where. The system comprises of a user-friendly cloud architecture that leverages intelligent alerts. Get real-time notification of your actions on-site and easily manipulate data.


Streamline various sources of information with cutting edge, secure, and easy to install Unified IoT Energy Gateways that provide seamless data back to the IoT Energy Analytics Platform. Aid the management's decision-making process with intuitive and simplified reporting.


Experience smart building and facilities management with the technical capabilities of Unified Iot Energy Analytics triggers. Utilise remote control functions for the automated control of your office or facilities, like turning on/off the building's lights, thanks to relays and additional integration ports.

Built to Scale

Our IoT Energy Analytics platform is designed to scale from a single building all the way to hundreds of buildings or facilities at the same time.

Take back total control of your entire estate regardless of size, with real-time processing and reporting of mission-critical data through intuitive and centralized dashboards.

  • Control multiple buildings with a single platform
  • Powerful yet simple remote-control capabilities
  • Centralized and intuitive dashboards
  • Reporting on aggregate and individual levels
  • Real-time data capture and processing
  • APIs for integration with other building systems
  • Verification of energy-saving tech solutions
Integration to Existing Systems

We provide an end to end solution enabling automatic meter reading (AMR) and IoT analytics for all your utilities, allowing data integration into your existing company systems such as trending analysis and invoice/billing systems, including:

  • ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc)
  • Business Analytics (PowerBI, Elastic Search)
  • Microsoft Azure & Amazon Big-Data Lakes
  • Enterprise Service Bus (Apache Kafka, Azure, Microsoft Biztalk)
  • Other formats (can be created by our development team as per your requirement)
Public Displays

Highlight your commitment to energy conservation, corporate social responsibility and green initiatives by displaying real-time KPIs and progress towards targets to staff and other stakeholders.

Install public displays at prominent locations complete with custom corporate branding that reinforce your commitment towards your initiatives.

Efficiency From Automation

Many companies require strict processes around monitoring of carbon footprint, and are generally a driving for behind initiatives such as:

  • Internal targets for satisfying carbon legislation
  • Access to carbon funding
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainability (including sustainability reports)

Data allows important decision making and verification, however given the volume of data points required to be useful and accurate, almost always it cannot practically be collected manually.

Cloud Dashboard

Authenticated users can perform comprehensive energy analysis for any equipment, on any building, in any country, at any time from any where.

With an easy to use interface, we provide a single-pane- of-glass dashboard that displays all high-level KPIs at a glance. You can drill down further and refine your data display to show energy consumption in terms of carbon emissions, as well as in terms of your local currency

Forecast & Tariffs

You can select current and historical performance, and make comparisons with earlier billing periods. This enables forecasting of expected spending, allowing you to budget or take proactive measures to reduce consumption.

The application of tariffs to measured consumption enables you to verify that data is accurate, and matches what you see on your bill from the utility provider.

Equipped with this data you can apportion costs, and make occupants aware of their individual and joint responsibilities towards energy consumption. Converting data into money-related KPIs empowers all team members to work together towards energy savings for both reducing costs and carbon footprint.

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